Valbona-Theth: 2 nights/3days

What your holiday price includes:

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals included
  • Management by local hotelier
  • Transfer to/from your hotel
  • Price per person 148 euro


  • Day 1: Arrival in Valbona; Transfer from the camping with a bus to Komani, then we go through Komani Lake with the ferry, and then again the bus drives you from Fierza (where the ferry stops) to Valbona- in the guesthouse/hotel.
  • Day 2: Self- Guided hike to Theth. An average of 7 hours hike. Let us know if a guide to lead your hike is needed; cost 80euro. Arrival in the guesthouse in Theth.
  • Day 3: Enjoy the day relaxing is Theth and the car will pick you up around midday for the way back to the camping.

Feel free to choose your starting point either from Theth or Valbona. We are open to all possibilities and what’s more comfortable for you.

Upon booking your trip, a downloadable brochure will be available for further details and information on what else you can explore along your holiday trip.

As always, you can book it with us at the reception, upon arrival at our establishment – where you will be given further contacts and information of the guesthouses or any other question you may wonder along the way.